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Behavioural Consultations

When it comes to supporting our clients, behaviour management is crucial. Many of our clients exhibit complex behaviour related to their developmental disability, so it’s imperative our support team knows the most effective ways to manage each client’s behaviour.

Behaviour Specialists

Behaviour specialists are key members of Entrust’s support team; they are the primary experts when it comes to client support.

Each of our behaviour specialists holds a degree in a related field and has prior experience working with youth or adults with complex developmental disabilities. Our behaviour specialists also stay up-to-date with developments in mental health and developmental disability services through consistent professional development training.

At Entrust, all diagnostics are made under a registered psychologist’s supervision. Behaviour specialists receive clinical support from a registered psychologist with a behavioural science degree.

Behavioural Consultations

With each new client, an Entrust behaviour specialist conducts a behavioural consultation. We conduct both in-region and out-of-region consultations.

In-region behavioural consultations are ongoing as long as the client lives with Entrust; out-of-region behavioural consultations include 20 hours of consultation time. Our behaviour specialist spends time with the client, and interviews the stakeholders in the client’s life, like parents, caregivers, teachers and other school staff.

The Purpose

Behavioural consultations help the behaviour specialist observe and assess a client’s behaviour. Identifying behaviour patterns and understanding the client’s triggers allows the behaviour specialist to develop a wellness support plan for that individual. Building daily routines that centre around what each of our client's positively respond to, such as activities and preferences, effectively reduces unwanted behaviours. 

Wellness Support Plan

The information the behaviour specialist gathers during the behavioural consultation and observation becomes the basis for a Wellness Support Plan. Every Wellness Support Plan is customized to each client.

Each Wellness Support Plan contains information about the client; it outlines behaviour patterns, triggers or stressors, behaviour redirection techniques and details about his or her routines.

Each plan is ongoing. Behaviour specialists regularly update the document as the client makes progress and as they discover new successful behaviour management techniques.

These plans help Entrust’s front-line staff interact with clients; they keep each client’s experience consistent, which ultimately helps the client become more successful in living a full, independent life.

They are also used as a coaching element to support our clients’ families, caregivers or teachers. Behaviour specialists use the Wellness Support Plan to provide advice and support the client’s family, caregivers and teachers in managing his or her behaviour.

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Accessing Our Services

Individuals who qualify for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) or Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) services, are eligible for our Residential Care program and Framework for Life program. Please speak to your PDD or FSCD Coordinator to find out more.