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Residential Care Program

Our Residential Care program provides comprehensive care for both youth and adults with developmental disabilities and is designed to help build independence in those we serve. Around-the-clock staff provides support for clients to ensure care needs are being met to the highest standard.

Every individual’s care is built for their needs through an Individual Support Plan. This plan is specific to each client focusing on care needs, interests, and works to promote a sense of self-worth and uniqueness in every individual.

Our daily support takes a number of forms:

  • Meal Preparation

  • Recreational Services

  • Transport Assistance

  • Medical Administration

  • Bathing Aids

  • Behavioural Support or Modeling

Adult Residential Care Program

Our Adult Residential Care Program provides daily support for individuals over the age of 17 with developmental disabilities.

Our staff builds strong relationships with clients, ensuring their personalized care needs are met. Individuals in Adult Residential Care also take part in Framework For Life, which provides individuals with developmental disabilities the best opportunity to live full and independent lives.

Youth Residential Care Program

Our Youth Residential Care Program provides daily support for individuals aged 17 years and under with developmental disabilities.

We work closely with clients’ guardians to ensure their routines, needs, and interests are attended to. We support our high-school clients during their schooling, ensuring they have the necessary support needed to learn and grow.

Complex Needs

Entrust is committed to serving Albertans with disabilities without discrimination.

Many individuals have conditions or have experienced a trauma that has contributed to severe behavioural challenges; Entrust has worked with a range of complex needs throughout the years and understands the importance of routines, the involvement of multidisciplinary teams, and additional stakeholders dedicated to the individual's’ well-being.

People with complex behaviours have always struggled to maintain all of their basic rights. Entrust diligently works to reclaim and retain these rights for our clients.

Peer Matching in Residences

The process of matching peers with similar needs and interests allows individuals to enjoy lower living expenses and the benefits of shared assistive staffing.

Entrust homes must have 3 or fewer supported individuals, as work in smaller groups fosters the best opportunities for skill development, meaningful inclusion, and wellness. Shared residences staffed by Entrust are located in neighborhoods that are safe and truly reflect Entrust’s commitment to community inclusion.

Wellness Plans

Our Behavioural Specialists create Wellness Plans to account for facets of an individual’s life that contribute to their enrichment and meaningful inclusion into our community.

Behavioural Plans

Behavioural plans are intended to assist individuals refine behaviours that can stand as a barrier to meaningful relationships and community inclusion. Entrust believes that not all behaviours require correction. Entrust does not want to change who people are. We only want to help individuals we serve to be their best so more citizens in the capital region will realize what they have to offer.

Coast Partnership

Our Wellness Plans are a result of an 18-month partnership with the COAST program of Alberta Health Services. The Community Outreach Assessment and Support Team (COAST) enhances community capacity to provide effective and enriched supports to individuals. The COAST partnership assisted Entrust to integrate best practices from several professions on a multi-disciplinary team into procedures and documentation used at Entrust.

Accessing Our Services

Individuals who qualify for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) or Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) services, are eligible for our Residential Care program and Framework for Life program. Please speak to your PDD or FSCD Coordinator to find out more.