Health and Fitness for All!

posted on June 01, 2018

Did Know that June 2 is National Health and Fitness Day? We all know that prioritizing and maintaining personal health is important; living a healthy lifestyle provides a myriad of psychological and physical…

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Employer Spotlight - Liberty Security

posted on May 04, 2018

Partnering to Make a Difference Liberty provides security, automation, and energy management solutions to residential, commercial and health care customers across Canada. Over the course of the last couple…

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Social Work at Entrust

posted on March 30, 2018

Dedicated to Enhancing Quality of Life Social workers play an essential role. They are professionals that are focused on the individual and are dedicated to supporting and advocating for them in any…

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Transitioning to a Care Program

posted on March 06, 2018

Making the decision to place your loved one in a residential care program is a big step. At Entrust, we understand the weight of this decision on both you and your loved one and do everything we can…

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Inclusion, Community, and Heritage

posted on February 12, 2018

Accessible Programs Having a sense of belonging is important for everyone; this is why we are focused on bridging the gap between our clients and their communities. For our Indigenous clients in particular,…

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Finding the Right Fit

posted on February 01, 2018

Selecting Your Caregiver Going through the process of finding an appropriate agency to become a support and caregiver for your child is not easy. It's hard to imagine how anyone would be able to provide…

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Happy Holidays from Entrust

posted on December 18, 2017

  From everyone at Entrust, we wish you and your family a warm and joyful holiday season!  Remember, if your child has a developmental disability or special sensory needs, this time of year can be quite…

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